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Posts from the ‘Red Wall’ Category

My ‘SliverOfLight’ and ‘RedWall’ blogs temporarily on Tumblr now

My two blogs ‘SliverOfLight’ and ‘RedWall’ are temporarily parked on Tmblr now since the host Posterous closed down May 1st. until further notice.

‘SliverofLight’ on Tumblr

‘RedWall’ on Tumblr

9 May 2013

‘Red Wall’ October 14


‘Red Wall’

14 Oct 2012

‘Sliver of Light’ and ‘Red Wall’ posting- September 24


‘Sliver of Light’

‘Red Wall’

25 Sep 2012

Red Wall September 20th, 2012


10:34AM  “You say 1% and I say 47% how are we going to decide? I wonder what more percentages they are going to come up with and how do we know which one we belon….”


“Red Wall”

20 Sep 2012

‘Red Wall’- August 20, 2012

‘Red Wall’





20 Aug 2012

Red Wall: March 25, 2012

11:33 AM: “… and then she said “eternity is now”… wtfck does she mean by…”


25 Mar 2012

Red Wall: March 13, 2012

11:13 AM: “… I wonder if I can pull off an ‘Angelina’ tonite?… maybe if I…”

13 Mar 2012

Red Wall: March 04, 2012

10:06 AM: “… and then he called me Mademoiselle, can you believe that, it is so yester…”


4 Mar 2012

Red Wall: February 23, 2012

11:04 AM: “…well and then I thought I was going for yellow today but then the phone rang and I changed my mind to blue, had to run in to the bathroom before i left…”

23 Feb 2012

Red Wall: February 18, 2012

11:39 AM: “…. I hope they don’t see…”

18 Feb 2012