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I am now back on a site for professional photographers

I am once again back on with my portfolio.

12 Jul 2013

Alternative Picks News

News posted on AltPick about my Hopperesque photos.


27 Jun 2013

Red Wall – March 14, 2011

9:37AM: “… I don’t get it… why can’t anyone come up with a bag that you carry on your back instead of the front… sure it is handy when you need something but really annoying when you are walking… my goodness why do I always have to do things myse…”

Red Wall official link

14 Mar 2011

My friend Thomas McKean opening

If you can please come to my friend Thomas McKeans participation in a ‘made from Metro Card’ group art exhibit at Sloan Fine Art on Rivington St. on the LES this Thursday March 17.


14 Mar 2011

FYI: Elizabeth Avedon KDB write up on her blog

Elizabeth Avedon had a write up about me, please check it out click here:
Elizabeth Avedon KDB write up

14 Mar 2011

Red Wall-March 13, 2011

9:13 AM: “…wait for me don’t walk so…” “I told you if you are going to hang with us you have to keep pace… behind us…. and pleazzze get yourself a proper coat…”

Red Wall Blog

13 Mar 2011

FYI: Write Up at Sharpen New York

I was mentioned at ‘Sharpen New York’ by Elizabeth Avedon please click and read on.

7 Mar 2011

‘Red Wall’ now has its own blog

Red wall now has its own blog but I will be publishing the series here as well.

The web address for the blog is <>

2 Mar 2011

FYI: Write up at Blog

Write up at  Chatterbox blog.

8 Feb 2011

‘SPACE’ – by KDB (me)

SPACE, the third installation in the First Degree project (Time Capsule,YEARBOOK ) where I invite my friends to a photo shoot in my studio once a year with a different concept in mind. SPACE is in process to become a gallery show planned for April 2011 (date and place to be announced)

This project was featured in a blog  CMYBacon.

12 Jan 2011