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Posts from the ‘Snaps’ Category

First Picture of 2015

At my friends house in Brewster, Ct. and I woke up to this. Just had to take my first picture of the year and who knows maybe it will be THE picture of the year for me.


1 Jan 2015

Hudson River from a Nyack view

25 Dec 2014

On my way home (NYC) from LA

19 Oct 2014

From my Window this Morning

A shot from my window at 8AM this morning as the sun was rising giving these long shadows.  A mother taking her son to school before she goes to work herself.


27 Mar 2014

Passing Through SoHo

On my way to the studio I biked through my old neighborhood in SoHo and saw this Father teaching his son some Hand Ball (American version).

24 Mar 2014

My Tree obsession continues

22 Mar 2014

Woman In Red- Prince St.

As I was biking Prince St. towards my studio space in Tribeca I saw this woman in a Red coat.  I passed one of my favorite walls in downtown Manhattan and stopped and got off my bike hoping the women would pass the wall.  I spotted her a block away and was ready with my camera on the other side of the street.  Lucky I was she passed by with no one else in the picture except for her ‘cavalier’.

24 Feb 2014

Sliver of Light


‘Sliver of Light’ Spring Street between 6th Ave and 7th Ave in Manhattan.

6 Nov 2013

Playing Around

5 Nov 2013

‘Man On A Bench’ – East 43rd Street, NYC



4 Jun 2013