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Gente Di Fotografia- English text

Here is the English version (click on link below) of the Review Giusy Randazzo wrote in Gente about my two series ‘Away’ and ‘BOaRD’:

“….The magic of Dan-Bergman’s photos in Away is instead in this strange wait, in this disturbing knowing that the image is frozen, yet waiting for the characters to turn around.”

“The background is the same for everyone: an anonymous wall that reveals nothing for him or her. The subject is thrown into isolation that pushes us to stretch out our arm and rest our hand on their shoulder…”
“There are emotions, feelings, memories, but they are not ours. As if it were the veil of May


15 Dec 2017

Light-Journal ‘Departure’ Issue

My ‘S_PACE‘ series is featured in the high quality Fine Arts Photography & Poetry Magazine Light Journal in its ‘Departure’ issue.

24 Oct 2017

Gente Di Fotografia

The Italian magazine ‘Gente Di Fotografia‘ which is only sold in Italian bookstores and a very high quality (border line book) magazine is going to feature my ‘BOaRD‘, ‘S_PACE‘ and ‘Away’ series.  They also told me I will land the back cover with this photo from the ‘Away’ series.  Will let you know when the issue is going to be out.

15 Aug 2017

Creative Quarterly top 100 for “A Quiet Moment”

“A Quiet Moment” was voted one of the top 100 winners in Creative Quarterly 2016 and will be published in a book later this year.


9 Jun 2017

Winner “The Independent Photographer”

One of my East Africa Portraits was a winner in “The Photo Independent” competition which means there will be an exhibit in Berlin at the end of the year.


9 Jun 2017

Shortlisted for Communication Art 2017

I was shortlisted for the CommArt 2017 award with one photo from my ‘allONE’ series in the ‘For Sale’ category.

4 May 2017

Selected for the ‘top 100’ Creative Quarterly Book

My Image “A (quiet) Moment” was selected for the Top 100 CQ coffee table book for 2017.


7 Mar 2017

Creative Quarterly 47- Runner Up

My image “Crossing” was selected as the runner up in the Creative Quarterly 47 issue.

7 Mar 2017

First Place in APA National 2016 Awards

Just found out that one of my portraits from the “Evidence of Resilience” series won First Price in the ‘Fine Art’ category in the 2016 in the American  Photographic Artists 2016 Awards (APA).

7 Sep 2016

Fotografiska- Exhibit

I found out that my Eastern Africa portrait series “Evidence of Resilience” will be part of the “Hostsalongen 2016” this fall in Stockholm (30 Sept thru 20 Nov).

Kintobo_Rwanda_PortrKintobo #03Eastern Africa Portraits



13 Jul 2016